Only someone experienced with both breeds can spot the physical difference between Tonks and Thais. Tonkinese are 25% smaller in volume than Thais, but they are much more muscular; they are strong and athletic. Rippling musculature is obvious beneath their skin, creating waves of shadows on their bodies. They are heavier.

All Thais have bright sapphire eyes, but only pointed Tonkinese have blue eyes, like the one in the photograph. Tonkineses' eyes are most often described as green/yellow.
Tonkinese have a unique chest curl.

But it is their personalities which sets the breeds apart.
Chalk and cheese have much more in common than Tonkinese and Thais. Tonkinese are out-going, active cats, and if they are bored will quickly get into mischief. Thais are much quieter.

Both breeds like the companionship of other cats. Tonkinese so they will have opponents for bouts of all-in wrestling, and Thais so they will have someone to put an arm around as they sleep. However, it is said that a Thai once thought of engaging in physical exercise, but after a second's reflection went back to sleep.

Tonkinese get on with dogs, if the dog likes them back. They can be taught to walk on a lead. Possibly, Thais could be taught to walk on a lead, but there is little point, because they don't want to go anywhere. Tonkinese like to travel, and will often stowaway in cars, only to appear at inappropriate moments.

Thais are well mannered and polite. Our Thais will stand back and allow the Tonkinese first turn at the feeding bowls.