How much is the deposit?
$100 for one and $150 for two to the same home.

How do I place a deposit?
Email us and we will give you our bank details for an electronic transfer.

Why are deposits necessary?
Because under our old system, some people would order a kitten with us, and half a dozen other breeders. When we telephoned to say the kitten was ready, they would say that they already had one. In the meantime, we had been turning away genuine buyers, because we believed all the kittens had been ordered.

Is there a written contract?

What happens if you don’t have a kitten that I like?
You must come to see the kittens.
 Otherwise the reason for having the deposit system is defeated.
 We will refund your deposit, or place you at the top of the list for the next litter.

What is Viewing Day?
When the kittens are six weeks old, they are playful and beginning to develop individual personalities, but they are still too young to leave their mother. People like to come and see the kittens, and if they have placed a deposit, select the one they want. It helps if the people near the top of the list come early.

Do I have to nominate the type of kitten I want, ie sex and colour?
No. For example, people wanting a light grey girl, will often go away with a dark brown boy, because the boy has walked over to them and asked to be picked up, then goes to sleep in their laps. In a sense, the kitten chooses its new owners.